Selected Drawings


“Grabbitz at the Getty” Typewriter on Paper. 8 by 8 inches. Los Angeles. 2017

Self Portrait (Nov 2017)

“Self Portrait” Graphite on Paper. 9 by 12 inches. Buffalo. 2017

Impalpable Affinity

“Impalpable Affinity” Graphite Pen and Marker on Paper. 9 by 12 inches. Los Angeles. 2017.

Grabbitz Instagram with Butterflies drawing

“Grabbitz Instagram” Graphite on Paper. 9 by 12 inches. Buffalo.

Self Portrait (August 2016)

“Self Portrait” Pen Graphite and Watercolor on Paper. 9 by 12 inches. Buffalo.

Wendal J No.1

“Your Lady’s favorite Barber [When it’s Dark Out]” Graphite and Pen. 9 by 12 inches. 2015. Rochester.

6 Digits

“XI Digits” Pen Marker & Graphite on Paper. 38 by 50 inches. 2014-15. Alfred & Buffalo

Pell UpsideDownCrop

The Proposal. Graphite on Paper. 9 by 12 inches. Buffalo. 2015

G-Eazy No. 5

Gerald No. 5. Graphite on Paper. 12 by 9 inches. Buffalo. 2015

Wheel Chair Down The Escolator (FINAL)

Wheelchair down the Escalator. Pen & Marker on Paper. 12 by 24 inches. Buffalo. 2014


Affinity. Charcoal Graphite & Pen on Paper. 24 by 18 inches. Kamloops. 2013-14

Self Portrait

Self Portrait. Smoke Resin on Paper. 20 by 16 inches. Alfred. 2014

Marcel Smoke Drawing

Marcel Passed Out in a Chair. Smoke Resin on Paper. 14 by 11 inches. Alfred. 2014

Owuor Arunga No4 (White)

Owuor Arunga No. 5. Graphite and Pen on Paper. 17 by 11 inches. Kamloops. 2013.

The Heist Flag

The Heist Flag. Sharpie on Paper. 18 by 24 inches. Alfred. 2013.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break. Shoe Dust and Coffee Spill on Paper. 30 by 22 inches. Kamloops. 2013

Owuor Arunga No. 3

Owuor Arunga No. 3. Charcoal on Paper. 9 by 12 inches. Buffalo. 2013

One comment on “Selected Drawings

  1. Wow!! Hard to pick. I will show the group. Please let me know if you are going to have another show. I was so sorry I was out of town for your last show. You should contact the Burchfield Penney and see if you can show your work or do a workshop. Thanks for sending these!

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