Castle in the Back Yard

“Castle in the Back Yard” (2020) Los Angeles 9″x12″ Graphite Pen Sharpie Crayon on Paper

The Blue House

“Blue House” (2020) Los Angeles 9″x12″ Pen Graphite & Crayon on Paper

00036 Roses Empty Bedroom

“Roses Empty Bedroom” (2017) Los Angeles 20″x20 3/4″ Acrylic on Panel

FINAL 6.jpg

“Country Club of Buffalo No. 6” Acylic, Oil, Watercolor, & Spray Paint on Panel. 12 by 36 inches. Buffalo/Rochester 2015-16


“Toronto” Oil on Panel 24 by 48 inches. Buffalo. 2014


Lakehouse. Acrylic Spray Paint & Adderall XR. 36 by 12 inches. Alfred. 2014


Kamloops. Acrylic Oil, Spray Paint & Gouache on Canvas. 62 by 60 inches. Alfred. 2014

Kitchen (Large)

My Kitchen. Acrylic Gouache & Color Pencil on Yupo. 36 by 36 inches. Alfred. 2014

My Living Situation 2

My Living Situation. Acrylic & Gouache on Canvas. 10 by 36 inches. Alfred. 2014


A New Place without You. Acrylic Oil House Paint & Water color on Canvas. 26 by 42 inches. Kamloops. 2013

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