Crackheads of Los Angeles.jpg

“Crackheads Around Los Angeles” Oil Acrylic Gouache Watercolor Gold & Recycled Eye Glasses 33″x57″ Los Angeles. 2018

Heezy's Accident.jpg

“Heezy’s Accident” Acrylic and Oil on Panel Los Angeles 16″x20″

The Get Over

“You’re Beautiful and I meant it Every Time; The Get Over” Acrylic, Gouache, Oil, & Spray Paint on Canvas. 44 by 38 inches. Rochester. 2015-16


Aubrey Grahm Drake No. 1. Acrylic & Gouache on Canvas. 48 by 24 inches. Alfred. 2015

Count G Count G. Acrylic Gouache Watercolor Graphite & Pen on Paper. 10 by 8 inches Buffalo. 2015


Owuor Arunga No. 5. Watercolor and Pen on Paper. 30 by 22 inches. Alfred. 2014

Seattle Saturday

Saturday in Seattle. Watercolor on Paper. 30 by 22 inches. Alfred. 2014

Marcel at Top of Stairs

Marcel at the Top of the Stairs. Oil Acrylic & Spray on Canvas. 60 by 84 inches. Alfred. 2014


Third Semester at Tery’s. Oil Acrylic & House Paint on Canvas. 55 by 55 inches. Alfred. 2012

2 comments on “Portraiture

  1. Zach- Kelly Special here. (previous customer big fan) Was wondering if you still have the Drake and if you do, how much? How much do you want for your Drake portrait? call/ text at 716-250-8588

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